Competence in Coasters

CLAVIER GmbH is a specialized shipbroker for coaster-sized ships in European short sea trades. We focus on cargoes from Baltic, Continent, Mediterranean and Black Sea areas for coasters up to 12000dwt.

Our unique network and permanent focus on this specialized segment gives us a superior overiew over cargo movements, freight rates, time-charter rates – simply supply and demand for coasters in Europe.

We believe market information is crucial for all decision-makers of our industry and that the shipping business is a “people’s business”. Feel free to sign up for our updates or simply call to chat about what’s going on in the market.

Services at a glance

Our unique network with our offices in Germany and Finnland enables us to offer the best solution to our partners.

The right ship for the right cargo at the right time.

Commercial Management

The best way to provide you with our competence in coaster is with our commercial management service!

If your ship fits to our fleet, please contact us.

Pool Management

We are experienced pool-managers and offer an economic solution for ships we have under commercial control. We also manage external pools as trustee.


Need to know what a ship is worth?

We can give valuations of coaster-sized ships (minibulkers).

Market Research

Want to know about the coaster market?

We share general- or dedicated market research for a wide range of purposes.


Sale & Purchase

A market overview is good but useless without being able to act on opportunities to purchase and sell those ships when the signs are right. What makes us strong is our true focus is on the freight market (Chartering) of coasters in Europe.