Mission and Vision

What we do

  • We transport raw materials on coasters in the European shortsea trades
  • We improve raw-material logistics through increased efficiency of cargo-flows
  • We make sure even the smallest place in the Hinterland has access to the world raw-material markets
  • We enable our clients to take the best possible decisions when it comes to shipping with Coasters in Europe.

How we do it

  • We thoroughly check all shipping alternatives in our unique network in the European shortsea-sector
  • We build sustainable relationships with all participants in Europe’s coaster-size segment
  • We use the newest and smartest technology available to make sure no stone is left unturned to achieve the best results
  • We analyze all market reports- and intelligence we can get our hands on
  • We provide our customers with objective market data, relevant to their situation.

Why we do it

  • We believe that all resources in our world must be used wisely and most efficiently
  • We want to make a difference with small ships that go to remote locations and bring materials to the main maritime hubs of Europe.
  • We want to live in a world where all people have fair access to all raw materials
  • We believe educated decisions should be based on facts and information
  • We believe in sustainability in both resources- and relationships
  • We think everything can be improved, always