Ethics and Compliance

CLAVIER Gmbh stands for sustainability in relationships, in business and for our environment.

We are not in the shipping business for a short trip but for the long haul. “One always meets twice in life” is especially true for the shipping industry. With this in mind, we stand for fairness and respect to all customers and partners. Our name shall stand for our good reputation as a reliable partner who does not let others down.

We want no less than to make this world a better place. We seek environmental-friendly solutions wherever we can in order to hopefully leave our planet in a better condition than we found it.

Last but not least, it is natural for us to comply with all laws about environmental protection, labour protection and exercise thorough planning to prevent hazards and/or danger of any sort to the environment and our workers (and those of our partners). We want to promote a spirit where everybody looks out for each other.