We are a growing company and who works here seems to not want to leave either. So, apart from specific positions that need to be filled on a regular basis, we are always looking for people with ideas to help us achieve our goals that share our values.

We look for following virtues in future team-members:

We do things right or we do not do them at all. This has to do with honesty and courage too. Mistakes can be made and lessons learned but we do not hide them and we put in our best effort to keep improving.
Everybody always advances. Life is never a standstill. The way we do things today may not be the same tomorrow. If you are not interested in innovation, we cannot help you.
Sorry but we do not like people who are miserable. We like what we do and like to have people around that do too.

If you are interested to join us, feel free to call – or write an email to:
Every contact will be treated completely confidential !